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- Delivering Bespoke Fashion with perfection -

To be a truly bespoke outfit, it must be made with the highest level of customer commitment and skilled craftsmanship.

Every order that we handle undergoes a time-tested process, handled by our Customer Executives and with the help of highly skilled masters, is cut to perfection and stitched by a team of passionate tailors.

The rigorous quality and design control measures that are put in place ensure that the product is made as per the customer’s expectations. Blending trendy fashion and state-of-the-art tailoring, aided by technology, a masterpiece is created.

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Our Values

- Values we stand for -

Your satisfaction

Customer relation is our long-term goal, and we take every possible step to make it strong.


“We don’t do things because we want to change things; we do it because it is the only thing we can do going forward.” says our CEO.

Sustainability is about adopting better choices. We upcycle clothes and we have a “recycling initiative” in place for customers who are willing to donate the clothes to the needy. We have associated with a few NGOs and charitable organizations for this cause.

Minimum waste policy, as per which we send the smallest of leftover fabric to the customers; leaving room for utilization and scope for best out of waste projects. Our order fulfilment centres are located near major transportation lines to ensure better logistics reach and also to utilize urban mobility choices. We intend to combine comfort and consciousness in one go.


As an Equal Opportunity Provider, we are an inclusive team of people from all walks of life, irrespective of religion, gender, race, or orientation.