8 Amazing Trending Options To Rock Bridal Lehenga Without Dupatta

There are two most important days in anyone’s life. The first is when that person is born and the second is when a person gets married. On that day, everything needs to be perfect. A single mistake, especially in the bride and groom’s attire, can give them a pang of lifelong guilt or grievances.

Nowadays, brides search for the latest and trending attires that can match their personality and give them desired looks. Bridal lehenga without dupatta is one such search for today’s brides. This is a revolutionary idea in the clothing field industry, as now women are breaking all the stereotypes of attires and choosing lehenga without dupatta for marriage.

Not just brides, but anyone who wears a lehenga can follow this new pattern of lehenga choli without a dupatta. But to follow this trend, one needs to have some idea, so here are some lehenga designs without a dupatta.

8 Best Options to Rock Bridal Lehenga Without Dupatta

There can be innumerable ways to carry a lehenga without a dupatta, like wearing a crop top lehenga without a dupatta or simple lehenga without chunni, and many more. But here are some trending lehenga designs without a dupatta, which can aggregate the style and core personality of the wearer.

1. Cap instead of dupatta

cape lehenga

Nowadays, brides don’t prefer dupatta, as it can cover the front face of their blouse and lehenga. Cap is becoming their go-to clothing with lehenga. This is a perfect substitute for lehenga without dupatta in marriage.

2. Off-shoulder blouse lehenga

off shoulder lehenga

In this outfit, a dupatta isn’t required. The off-shoulder blouse with lehenga is a marvelous and fashionable combination of traditional and modern styles. This is perfect for engagement ceremonies. Generally, it is worn at summer weddings. One can style it with a single necklace to give a more detailed look.

3. Slit in lehenga skirt

slit cocktail lehenga

Slit in a lehenga skirt obviously can’t be a substitute for a dupatta but it can emerge a bride’s or wearer’s personality quite well. It gives a more feminine and unique look. This is perfect for cocktail parties or bachelorette parties as this gives a traditional and contemporary look simultaneously.

4. Add more prints

add more prints

Adding more prints on blouses and lehenga can gather the attention to the print and then one doesn’t need the dupatta to complete the look of the attire.

5. Bell sleeved blouse

bell sleeves blouse and lehenga

The lehengas with a square or round neck can look more pleasing and attractive with a bell-sleeved blouse. These blouses can be full or 1/3rd sleeves.

6. Try different hues

different hues

By not sticking to the traditional color like red and white, one can attract attention by trying different hues. Colors like green, sky blue, minimal peach, etc. are in great demand.

7. Chevron lehengas with full sleeves blouse

chevron lehenga full sleeves

These lehengas are preferably worn in winters because of their fabric. As they are in full sleeves so one doesn’t need any dupatta with it. One can wear light and matching jewelry with this lehenga.

8. Layer with heavy jewels

layer with heavy jewels

If the lehenga isn’t very heavy and if there’s no dupatta, then definitely one can layer it with heavy jewels. Here, if the lehenga skirt is heavy, then it can be added with heavy jewels, but the blouse shouldn’t be much heavy or shouldn’t have much embroidery, as it can diminish the entire look.

Final words

The clothing industry is an ever-evolving industry and lehenga without dupatta for marriage is simply another evolution in this industry.

One can use this new fashionable pattern on any occasion or festival. There are even more ways to wear a lehenga without a dupatta, one just needs to follow their personality trait while choosing the perfect attire for themselves.


If any bride is wearing a lehenga without a dupatta for her marriage, then she should make sure to carry any of the above-mentioned ways for a complete look. It can be with a cap, heavy jewels, different hues, etc. Also, make sure to never mix statement jewelry with golden embroidery lehengas. If there’s no dupatta, then it is better to wear jewelry of the same color as the embroidery.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by people around the globe:

1. Can a bride wear a lehenga without a dupatta in engagement ceremonies?

Yes, definitely a bride can wear a lehenga without a dupatta. Lehenga with unconventional tops or one-shoulder tops is just the perfect attire for engagement ceremonies.

2. What can be worn with a lehenga instead of a dupatta?

If one doesn’t want a dupatta with lehenga, then plain shrugs, bell sleeves blouse, jacket style dupatta, sheer shrugs, peplum jacket to add a more quirky look, kaftan style poncho and many more can be worn. All these can increase the complete look of an outfit and give a more modernistic style to the wearer.

 3. How to store shrugs with a lehenga?

Shrugs are mainly of net fabric, so they have to be stored like dupatta only. Before storing them, it’s better to wrap them in a soft or muslin cloth. After that, pack them in an airtight plastic bag. It’s recommended to store them with naphthalene balls to prevent any insect attack.

4. Which jewelry to be used with lehenga to substitute dupatta?

It depends upon the lehenga, its embroidery work, mirror work, and other elements. If the lehenga has silver embroidery, then one can even wear statement jewelry with it. But if the lehenga has any golden touch, then always prefer gold jewelry.

5. What type of prints on lehenga are preferred if there’s no use of dupatta with lehenga?

 Generally, floral, block, or large prints are preferred to catch the attention if there’s no dupatta with lehenga. However, it also varies from person to person. If the wearer’s height is a bit low, then always try to wear large prints, but if the height is quite more than small prints, Mehendi designs or floral prints are preferred.

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