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Top 6 Different Kinds of Embroidery Work For Bridal Lehengas

Are you looking for a new style of embroidery designs lehenga for your wedding? If yes, then we have some beautiful embroidery collections which will make your wedding more beautiful. As we all know marriage is a special day for every bride. On this day the bride wants to look beautiful and curious about her jewellery and dress, dreaming about how they get to adore the perfect outfit for the guests to see. It has its own spark which makes a bride gorgeous on her wedding day. Lehengas are those dresses that enhance the beauty of a bride and another important thing is embroidery and design because it is also the most important part of lehenga.

Embroidery lehenga choli is an ancient fashion which is still in fashion and favorite for all brides. It never gets outdated. The vibrant lehenga cholis are full ankle-length flared skirts with intricate beautiful embroideries and neat pleats. The heavy embroidery of choli will glam up the bride’s look more and make her the centre of attraction on her wedding day.

An embroidered lehenga can be easily paired with any style of dupatta or with any type of hairstyle. Either be a bun or straight open hair or curly hair. A  lehenga choli is an evergreen attire. Lehenga is the only dress which makes every bride beautiful as well as gorgeous on their big wedding day. Here we are going to tell you some fabulous and different embroidery work for bridal lehengas which will definitely help you stand in front of everyone on her wedding day.

6 New Beautifully Embroidered Lehengas to Style Brides for their Wedding Day

The market is full of clothes, designs, types, work, embroidery, etc. This confuses the to-be brides all the way more about what to choose. If you are soon to get married and not updated with different embroidery work for bridal lehengas, go ahead and choose your pick.

1. Silver Linings

silver work

A silver zari is a unique design and unlike a lot of colours, white is a sign of peace and opportunity for good luck. White embroidery designs with silver zari embroidery give a decent look. The choli with light work sequence makes the lehnga more classic. A blouse can complete the whole thing. Embroidery designs lehenga is specially made for wedding occasions. Lehengas are those dresses which every bride desires to wear on her wedding day.

2. Gota Patti

gota patti lehenga

Gota patti is one of the most beautiful Rajasthani styles. This style comes from the Mughal era. It is specially made for brides for their wedding day. The metallic and heavy embroidery on the fabric is consumed in a binding manner. The embroidery work lehenga looks more amazing when it is done on fabrics like chiffon, velvet, and silk. The golden work of Patti enhances more when paired with a jewel-toned base material. 

3. Red Green and Gold in white 

red and white

This is one of the most colourful combinations of lehenga in one style. This marvellous traditional embroidery work lehenga with a white base is very good for a wedding night for a bride. This off-white bridal lehenga embroidery work is fully worked with a golden zari but the steel gives a metallic feel and the colours of all these three combinations look so bright and amazing on an off-white background.

4. Phulkari 


Phulkari is a beautiful design and embroidery of a flower pattern glows more. This beautiful design specially comes from Punjab. The embroidery work lehenga is a very famous Punjabi design. Brides love to wear this bridal lehenga embroidery work because it is for all brides on their wedding day. The use of bright silk thread and beautifully shading design will focus on beautiful elements. Now, this embroidery is famous all over the world and every bride wants to wear this fabulous lehenga on her wedding day.

5. Dabka 


Dabka is also one of the most fashionable embroidery lehenga for weddings. This beautiful technique also creates intricate patterns with a coiled wire that looks like a spring. This embroidery style of lehenga creates a different marvellous look and also enhances the personality of a bride. The main base of this embroidery is a cotton thread which is covered with a metal coil. This style of embroidery is done on chiffon and the best part of this bridal lehenga embroidery works gives 3d emergence. It is still a very popular choice for every bride.

6. Mirror Embroidery Wedding Lehenga

mirror work

The Patiala mirror work is also a very good choice for a wedding.  It is a perfect shisha embroidery that comes in two pieces of a set. One is choli and another one is a long skirt which we normally call a lehenga. This mirror lehenga with beautiful embroidery work can go with various body shapes. The speciality of this heavy mirror lehenga embroidery work is used to set these mirrors and offer it with a casing. The heavy embroidery of mirror shine makes this lehenga unique and more beautiful. This style will make every bride a fashion diva on their wedding night.

Final Words

The embroidery lehenga makes the bride look beautiful on their special day. All embroidery lehenga are in fashion now. It comes with a choli dupatta. This heavy work of embroidery style makes every bride a fashion diva on her big wedding day.

This traditional ethnic embroidery lehenga will enhance the beauty of the brides. So what are you waiting for? Wear this beautifully embroidered lehenga without any hesitation and attract everyone with your charm.

Lehenga embroidery is also one of the most fashionable dresses for one’s wedding. It’s been in fashion since the Mughal era and it has its own charm even today. Girls prefer to wear lehenga on their special day because lehenga makes them look different and enhances their personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

After all these there are a couple of questions that may or may not arise in your mind when you are wearing a stylish lehenga on your wedding day. Those frequently asked questions are given below, you can get the answers in case of any confusion with pairing.

1. What type of lehenga Embroidery is good for any wedding? 

Gota Patti and mirror embroidery work. 

Lehenga is the trendiest fashion so you can choose between any two of these. These lehengas are superb and make the bride more beautiful and the centre of attraction on her wedding day. 

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