5 Dresses From Your Old Sarees

You grew up adoring your mum’s taste, especially when it comes to the collection of the sarees owned. What if we tell you that now you can also recycle them and wear them as outfits of your choice! Do not worry if you wish to style your own saree and make new dresses from it, you can now do so. Here is a list of the most innovative outfits that you can get from saree conversions.

1.       Make a dress:

Doll up your look by designing a dress. You can opt for a plain saree with a broad border. Alternatively, you can also put a plain saree with a decorative border to achieve a unique look. The length of the dress is up to you. You can either design a maxi dress or a knee-length dress. Either way, you are going to achieve a spectacular outfit.

2.       Short kurta:

Restyling your saree gets easier by adding more traditional vibes to it. You can make a short kurta or a crop top to give it a more indo-fusion look. Team the kurta with flared silk pants or even a skirt on any occasion of your choice. Inspire others with your spectacular indo-fusion look. Alternatively, if you want to extend the length of your kurta, you can make a long kurta out of the saree. Decide the length, as per your preference.

3.       Dhoti:

For the perfect indo western look, a dhoti can give you the much-needed style. The style needs confidence, and if you have one, you must own it! You need to be confident enough to carry the look off. Cut off a bit of the prized possession and wear it as a dhoti to give it a redefined fashion look.

4.       A skirt/ghagra:

Designing the old saree like a long skirt or a ghagra will do the least amount of damage to the saree. You will be wrapping yourself up without losing much fabric in this process. This is an added bonus, as you not only can achieve a prominent traditional look but also not lose much fabric in the process. Designing a lehenga will also not harm your intention of old saree conversion.

5.       Style a dupatta:

The dupatta is the most gaudy part of the entire look. It is quite the central theme of the lehenga and your lehenga can feel complete with a beautifully styled dupatta. Cut across the heaviest part of your saree and reuse it as a new dupatta. Wear it with a churidar and look your best left. You must not reveal the secret to the world of how you grabbed this gorgeous dupatta!


With these five fun-filled ways, styling your old sarees is no longer a hassle. Design these unique 5 dresses, and give the old piece of saree a new revamped feel. Do not let the prized possession go away from your hand, instead utilize it in the right manner with these unique saree transformation strategies.

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