8 Elegant Options For Your Double Dupatta Wedding Lehenga

Attention brides-to-be! Do you want to ace up your fashion game for the big day? If yes, then this blog below is a complete guide on how to do it. There is no denying the fact that a bridal attire comprises of three sections i.e lehenga skirt, blouse and a dupatta.

However, the recent changes in the wedding trousseau have introduced the trend of “double dupatta”. As the name suggests, a double dupatta wedding lehenga is nothing but simple bridal wear complemented by twin dupattas.

So for all ladies gearing up for their wedding, here are some handpicked styles that will make you look extremely dashing on the d-day. Check out these 9 options which will not only highlight your outfit but also make it one of a kind.

8 Stylish Options For Your Double Dupatta Wedding Lehenga

There is no iota of doubt that today is the era of experimentation. Gone are the days when only a handful of fashion choices were available for the ladies and they had to pick from one of them. Thus, for all those who want to raise the style quotient a notch higher, here are some options for a double dupatta wedding lehenga that will save you all the hassle.

1. Look Royal With All Green

green color

While Red and Maroon have been the quintessential choice for brides for a long time, green as a colour is slowly making its mark in the bridal wear category. So, ladies who love to follow an unconventional route can easily pick an all-green wedding double dupatta bridal lehenga for their big day. You can also pair your attire with both net and bandhani dupattas which will further amplify the overall look.

2. Keep It Traditional With Red and Pink

pink and red

Whenever you think of a double dupatta lehenga design there are a few colours that are difficult to skip. One of the prominent hues in this category is none other than red and pink. Classy and stylish in all aspects, the colour combo represents your feminine side perfectly and thus is an incredible choice for all brides-to-be.

3. Go Bold With Yellow and Orange

orange and yellow

Yellow and orange is another eye-catching colour combination that will help you make a fashion statement on the wedding day. One of the key aspects of these two hues is that you can play around with your look. A remarkable choice for all those looking for a lehenga with two dupatta, this one will surely take your fashion game a few notches higher.

4. Say It Loud with Fuchsia Power

fuschia pink

Fuchsia as a colour has recently made a splashing entry into the category of bridal wear. Like all double chunni lehenga designs, brides can simply opt for a fuchsia colour lehenga which has intricate gold details on it. An ideal pick for ladies who want a traditional yet different look at their wedding.

 5. Flirtatious Florals For Big Day

floral lehenga

Florals make a perfect addition to the summer wardrobe. They not only look appealing but are also gorgeous in their way. Try inculcating feminine floral designs in your wedding double dupatta bridal lehenga and let them work their magic on the d-day. Just make sure to choose a lehenga in pastel hues as it complements the floral designs seamlessly.

6. The Monochrome Twist

mono chrome double dupatta

Not every bride wants to settle for a wedding lehenga set in contrasting hues. Some choose to pick a monochrome double dupatta lehenga design over others. What makes these lehengas stand apart is their intricate design and colour tone. Just pair it up with Polki jewellery and you are all set to roll on your wedding day.

7. Pink and Turquoise Finesse

turquoish and pink

Turquoise is another colour palette that is in trend with wedding day fashion. Ravishing in looks, the attire gives off a contemporary look and is the best pick for a wedding double dupatta bridal lehenga. The specialty of this attire is that you can use a turquoise coloured dupatta along with a pink-colour primary dupatta to create an eye-pleasing look.

8. The Belt Fashion

belt fashion

Belts are another set of accessories that are used in bridal attires today. One of the biggest takeaways of having a belt in place is that it keeps the primary dupatta neatly tucked in place. Also, it lends a suave look to the outfit by defining your curves in the best way. Thus, next time you are ready to shop for a wedding double dupatta bridal lehenga, add a pinch of style with a belt.

Final Words

Aside from the aforementioned colour combinations, there are many other colours that ladies mix and match for their d-day. Always keep in mind that adding a colourful dupatta to your wedding ensemble creates a new look instantly.

It not only accentuates the appeal of your double dupatta wedding lehenga but also makes you stand out from the rest of the crowd. So, do not hesitate to experiment and make sure to select a rich colour combination for your bridal attire.

Lehengas will always remain a quintessential outfit for Indian brides. So give them a glamorous makeover by adorning with a double dupatta and look gracious at the big event.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Are The Different Ways To Wear A Double Dupatta?

Some of the loved options when it comes to draping a double dupatta are a veil, traditional drape, Gujrati drape, Punjabi Suit dupatta style and belt style.

2. What Is A Double Dupatta?

Double dupattas are a part of a bridal ensemble where two contrasting or same colour fabrics are used to add extra layers to your attire.

3. How To Set A Heavy Dupatta Over Head?

Heavy dupattas can be easily draped over the head if they are securely pinned down with clips and secured onto the lehenga blouse and skirt.

4. How To Choose A Dupatta For Your Lehenga?

Go for a contrast colour combination or opt for bold colours such as orange, yellow, pink and turquoise. You can also create a monochrome effect by choosing the same dupatta as your lehenga.

5. What Is The Standard Length of Your Lehenga Dupatta?

The standard length of a dupatta for lehenga is around 2 and a half meters.

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