Engagement Outfits that are not Lehengas

Choosing a perfect engagement outfit for the bride is a difficult task. Who says the bride must have a lehenga on their engagement day? Since a wedding has numerous customs and activities, the engagement is often a celebration. However, the majority of brides take a conservative approach for their engagement appearance. The possibilities are unlimited, and tinkering with lesser functions would be a great deal of fun, right? Take inspiration for your engagement dress from such lovely engagement statement pieces. So, here are some outfits that made a statement at their engagement parties by wearing designer outfits that weren’t lehengas!

If you’re still undecided about what to wear on your engagement day, let us relieve you of the stress by assisting you in finding fashionable dresses for this beautiful occasion.

  • Sarees

All girls’ favourite dress whenever it relates to something like a traditional look is the saree. Hence, on their engagement day, what about heading to an old classic? The saree would be an essential part of Indian cultural clothing. The traditional sarees would undoubtedly offer a bride a stunning appearance.

  • Cape + Saree

This is yet another stunning wedding dress to wear to the engagement party. The saree is among the most famous traditional Indian attire. So, instead of becoming a boring bride put a fashionable accent to your saree with a cape.

  • Mermaid Gown

Mermaid wedding gown is the most fantastic option if someone’s engagement party is a grand and large gathering because of their fitting design, which clings tightly towards the bride’s figure and flares below the knee, presenting a mermaid appearance that’s also incredibly exquisite.

  • Chikankari dresses 

Recall how lovely Priyanka Chopra appeared at her Roka ceremony wearing her yellow Chikankari dress! This year is an excellent time to experiment with this trend. Chikankari is a Lucknowi fabric design that is a must-have if you like pastel colours and Indian artwork.

  • Engagement gown with a belted Indo western look

Accessorizing your engagement gown with a belt would be a fantastic method to do it. Cinch your waist with a belt, even if you’re wearing a suit, saree, or gown. Try a jewelled Kamar Bandh, a leather belt, a cloth belt, or a metal belt. The pallu will be in position with saree belts. Throughout your engagement ceremony, the dupatta of such a saree or Anarkali gown could be stuck in place.

  • Sharara suit

Sharara suits, influenced by Pakistani women, make any bride seem stunning on their engagement day. It looks gorgeous and perfect for the engagement ceremony.

  •  Gowns for Western Balls

The Western ball gown is perfect for an engagement ceremony and will make the bride appear the same as a princess on their auspicious day. These custom designer gowns come in various shapes with varying flares to offer them a fantasy appeal. 

 As a bride, you must do your homework and create memorable impressions on your soon-to-be in-laws when choosing your upcoming engagement attire. Such engagement clothing suggestions will undoubtedly assist you in making a great impression.

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