Guide to Choose the Best Fabric for Your Bridal Lehenga

A wedding is a formal commencement towards the journey of togetherness in the lives of two people. But beneath all the glitz and glamour, what mostly stresses out the brides-to-be is finding that perfect attire for the big day.

Not everyone knows this but selecting that one dress amongst the sea of options is truly stressful.  So, what to do next? Well, one of the clever options for all ladies out there would be to know exactly what they want. This includes critical aspects such as the types of colour, design and above all fabric.

Thus, to help everyone in their hunt for bridal wear, this guide to choose the wedding lehenga fabric might come across as a practical solution. Check out all the below-mentioned tips that will help make shopping less stressful and more fun.

7  Simple Tips To Choose The Best Fabric For Your Lehenga

Although not all wedding dresses are created equally, certain parameters can’t be overruled, the prime being fabric. Often it is seen that brides get carried away by flattering styles which then proves a regretful decision at the nick of the moment.

Thus, to avoid mayhem here are a few tips on choosing the lehenga fabric that will be a deciding factor in the quest to find the bridal lehenga.

1. Choose Fabrics According To Season

fabric according to season

There is a solid reason behind why lehengas are crafted in different fabrics. Like the seasons we experience in a year, the various merchandise plays a key role in uplifting the comfort level. Thus, next time you go wedding shopping, pay close attention to the fabrics and pick according to the season. Choose velvet or silk for a winter wedding and net for monsoon. And if you are going to have the nuptials in summer then chiffon and georgette are an apt choice.

2. Skin Types Are Also Important

perfect skin type

Yes, skin type plays a crucial role when it comes to selecting bridal wear. Knowing the skin type will not only help you choose wisely but also mitigate irritation. Follow this guide to choose the wedding lehenga fabric which helps you choose wisely and steer clear from low-quality fabrics.

3. Keep in Mind Different Merchandise Have Different Roles

different merchendise have different fabrics roles

Today with the advent of user opinions, there are an array of fabrics available in the market. But not all serve the same purpose. For example, chiffon and georgette add an elegant factor to the overall look but the exact thing can’t be said for silk. Similarly, while velvet stands for royalty, brocade on the other hand adds vibrancy. Thus, one of the paramount tips to choose the bridal lehenga fabric is also knowing the attributes and uses of different fabrics.

4. Cancan Is A Must

can can is must

Apart from the exterior fabric, the inside of the bridal wear also matters a lot. For brides who want a flared look on their wedding day, wearing a soft net cancan does the trick. But always keep in mind to be mindful while choosing the cancan fabric too, or else it will mess up the whole look.

5. Body Type Is Also A Deciding Factor

body type

There is an old saying “What looks great on the ramp might not suit you”. Well, this statement holds in the case of many ladies today. So, while picking a bridal lehenga it is extremely pertinent to not follow the trends blindly.  

Know your body type and select a fabric that looks flattering on you and not the reverse. In this way, you can nail the look on your d-day and end up getting compliments for your sartorial choice.

6. Embellishments And Embroideries

embelieshment and embroideries

Both embellishments are embroideries are an essential part of your wedding attire. The right combination of these two can make anyone look a million bucks on their big day. However, in the rush of picking the bridal trousseau, many ladies forget to assemble the right kind of embellishments and embroideries.

Make sure to check out all the options available before you zero down on one. For example, if your lehenga is a simple one then print work, lace trimmings and silk embroideries will look great on it. However, if you are skeptical about spending money on embroideries, then opt for a shiny printed fabric.

7. Slay It With A Net Lehenga

slay with a net lehenga

Net is also considered as one of the popular fabrics today. Known for its lightweight quality, the net is a perfect choice for brides who refrain from wearing heavy lehengas. Due to the demand of the customers, the marketplace today is brimming with diverse choices related to net fabric. Rich in embroidery net lehengas which add a touch of glamour to the overall look.

Thus, for all girls who are in quandary, there is more than one guide to choose the bridal lehenga fabric available on the web, which can help you endlessly.

Final Words

Ladies now that you know what trends are in vogue when it comes to bridal fashion, it is time to pick the best attire. Just go through the points above that will help you to choose the right fabric for bridal lehenga.

Always remember that it is your day and you need to shine flawlessly with the perfect lehenga. Thus, before making the final purchase do make sure to try on the apparel first to get a feel of the quality and weight.

This small step will not only help you know the fabric well but also keep you comfortable throughout the nuptials. So, pull your sock and get ready to slay the big day in your style.


1. Which type of fabric is best for weddings?

Both A-line lehengas and X-shaped lehengas form the best option when it comes to weddings. Also, fabrics like chiffon and velvet help keep the bride comfortable and are much in demand.

2. Which type of silk is best for lehengas?

Raw silk is the best when it comes to lehengas. It is because they are crisp and add flared look to the individuals with a petite frame.

3. Can velvet lehenga be worn in summer?

Velvet as fabric tends to keep the body warm. Thus, it is best suited for winters when the temperature outside is slightly low. For summers crepe, cotton and georgette lehengas are the best.

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