How To Choose A Bridal Lehenga For Your Body Shape

There is no girl in the world who does not dream of having a picture-perfect wedding. From picking the bridal trousseau to getting the makeup done, everything needs to be flawless. But did you know that your body shape plays an indispensable role in providing the best look for the d-day?

No matter whether you are attending a wedding or getting married, it is vital to pick a lehenga that defines your natural curves. While we often pay attention to colour, design, blouse and dupatta, body shape is something that many women just tend to ignore.

Thus, to save you from the conundrum, this blog below decodes lehengas according to the specific body type. So go through the list keenly and then choose a bridal lehenga for your body shape which will make you dazzle among the crowd.

Tips To Choose The Right Bridal Lehenga For Your Body Type

Attention! Your big day is just a few days away and you still have to source the perfect bridal attire for the same. So, what to do next? Even though there might be several people around you with hands-on tips, you must think straight and make a choice.

So, without any further adieu, let’s check out this guide below that highlights different body types and the lehengas that pair with them in the best way.

1. Straight Body Type

straight body shape

Normally a Straight Body Type is characterized by the one where the bust, hip and waist have exact measurements. Women who are blessed with this sort of figure have a slim frame without any prominent curves. So, it is of utmost importance to go for fabrics that add volume and curves to the overall silhouette.

Lehenga Styles For Straight Body Type

Net lehengas with heavy embroidery or stiff fabrics like brocade and raw silk are the ones that will look good on straight body types.

2. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

inverted triangle

Women with inverted triangle body shapes have broader shoulders along with narrow waists and hips. Thus, all girls who have an inverted figure must follow these major tips to choose lehenga for body shape. Always keep in mind to go for fabrics that perfectly balance your narrow hips with the shoulders. Also, fabrics that add volume to the lehenga skirt must be your first pick.

Lehenga Styles For Inverted Triangle Body Type

Double flare lehengas are a perfect choice for inverted triangle body shapes.

3. Pear Body Shape

pear shape body

The pear body shape is the exact opposite of the inverted triangle figure. Women who belong to this category have narrow shoulder and bust that is paired with an extremely heavy bottom.

Lehenga Styles For Pear Body Type

Lehengas made with gentle drapes and paired with a light colour blouse are the ones that will suit you the best.

4. Spoon Body Shape

spoon shape body type

Spoon shape body is the one where your hips are larger and the waist is smaller than the bust. Women who have this type of external frame shall always pick fabrics that accentuate their figure in the best way possible.

Lehenga Styles For Spoon Body Type

Trail cut lehengas with the extra dollop of fabric are an apt choice for balancing the overall shape.

5. Apple Body Shape

apple shape body type

Women who have most of their concentrated on the top have an Apple Shape Body. As your figure is dominated by a heavy upper half, layering and dupatta are some ways in which you can balance your overall structure.

Lehenga Styles For Apple Body Type

Jacket lehengas or circular lehengas created with wavy fabrics are the best friends for your frame.

6. Hourglass Body Shape

hour glass body

Hourglass or commonly known as X shape body is the one on which almost any type of fabric looks good. Women who are blessed with this figure can easily carry any style due to their even proportion.

Lehenga Styles For Hourglass Body Type

A-line lehenga, fish-cut, mermaid-style to full ghera and trail lehengas anything and everything looks good on hourglass body shape.

7. Round or Diamond Body Shape

round shape

In this body type, most of the fat is accumulated around the mid-section. As a result, your waist looks bigger than the bust and hips. Thus, for women who have round frames, selecting lehenga for body shape is slightly tricky. Always remember you need to choose fabrics that elegantly hide the midriff and make your body look visually rhythmic.

Lehenga Styles For Round Body Type

Highwaisted panel lehengas are the best pick for women with this type of figure.

Final Words

Weddings are indeed one of the important milestones in the life of a woman. The journey from a girl to a full-grown lady comes a full circle with marriage. Therefore, the dresses you choose must define your figure in the best way.

Go through the important tips and tricks mentioned above and then choose a bridal lehenga for your body shape. In this way, there will be less room for error and adequate space for showcasing your unique taste.

Always keep in mind “Attires define your inner choice in the best way. So make sure you pick a garment that not only is comfortable but appealingly defines your frame.


1. Which Is The Best Body Shape For Lehengas?

Almost all body shapes have a unique aspect that sets them apart. While the most common body type for lehenga is the hourglass figure, people with straight, inverted triangle and pear-shaped bodies also have loads of options to consider today.

2. Which Lehenga is Best For Fat Ladies?

Women who are fat must always go for a high-waisted lehenga with a slim belt to make them look gorgeous on the big day.

3. Which Lehenga is best for short-heightened girls?

A-line lehengas and medium flare lehengas are the ones that look good on girls with short height.

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