How to Style your Old Shararas?

The elegant sharara pants are back in style and have already emerged to be a favorite in everyone’s closet! Thanks to the versatility, your old shararas can now be remodeled and re-designed! Shararas are your best friend and attire that you can carry on all occasions, both for your own wedding and that of your friend’s! No longer do you need to sulk over your old pair of shararas; instead, you can redesign them to amp up your style.

Tips for styling your old shararas and introducing old fabrics conversion techniques:

Amp up the look with jackets:

Add the much-needed drama in your life by accessorizing the shararas with a jacket. You can wear a jacket to add a contrast or in the same color. The jackets will give a much-needed indo-western look to it. Style it the way you want, and re-design the shararas in your own way.

Pair with a crop top or blouse:

This is probably one of the easiest ways to style your shararas with the help of a crop top. Select from a wide array of fabrics, textures, and styles and style the shararas with effortless conversions. Make way for a chic and effortless look as you style the crop tops to add the missing charm to your look. You can even add a cape on the top to give it a perfect finishing look.

Style with a saree:

Does it sound too weird to be true? Well, it is your style-game, and you can play with it any which way you want! If you are looking for a fuss-free look, why not rock a saree with your favorite sharara pants! Pair it with a blouse, and you are good to go! Wear the six yards of elegance with this traditional attire to increase the style quotient even further.

Style with a belt:

Pair the sharara with a matching blouse and crop top to sport an effortless look. Wearing traditional attires with a belt is in style nowadays, and why not include the style here as well! Add a twist to the look, and impress everyone with your unique style sense.

Experiment with peplums:

We see how the peplums are blending well with traditional attire! Pair the peplum blouses with shararas to defy the ordinary. Peplum blouses are in style, and they make for an excellent fusion for any occasion. If you are someone who loves to experiment with your style, the peplums await you!

Pair with a corset:

What about going a little overboard and breaking the usual standard of what people perceive as being traditional! If you have been wondering how to wear a sharara, a unique way to style it is by pairing it with a corset. Add a gorgeous and sensual look to your regular attire, and awestruck everybody.


It is time to play and experiment with styles. Take your old shararas from the closet for converting old clothes to a new dress. Style them in a way that is unique yet makes you a trendsetter!

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