8 Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Bridal Lehenga

Everybody dreams of having a perfect wedding no matter what. And when it comes to picking the bridal lehenga, there shall be absolutely no mistake there. Why is it so? Well, to put in simple words bridal lehengas form the crux in defining a woman’s appearance on the d-day.
Gone are the days when choosing bridal attire was very simple. Now with changing times it takes a herculean effort in picking one. From size, colour, design and trends, there are several factors to consider before going out to shop.
Thus, to help ladies in their quest of buying bridal attire, this blog here is the quintessential guide. Go through these below points which not only help enhance your knowledge but also are some of the paramount things to consider before buying a bridal lehenga.

8 Important Things You Need To Know Before Buying a Bridal Lehenga

One primary mistake that all individuals make is that they start shopping for their wedding way too soon. Always keep in mind, that the world of fashion continues to evolve every day and a style that is in vogue today might not stay relevant after a few months.
Thus, to make things simpler for ladies, this lehenga buying guide has collated 8 important points that will help save both your precious time and effort.

1. Settle For The Right Colour

settle for right color

Colour plays a key role when it comes to choosing bridal wear. While red remains the first choice of many girls, other shades can also be considered. Today bridal wears are available in monochrome to multicolour hues which help ladies to choose wisely and stand out.

2. Fix The Budget Beforehand

fix budget before

Budget ranks as one of the paramount things to know before buying a bridal lehenga. It is mostly because, in today’s era, the price of bridal wear varies from around 20,000 to 5 lakh. Thus, before heading towards the showroom, decide the budget and then choose accordingly.

3. Embellishments


Embroideries are a significant aspect of lehengas today as they add to the richness of the apparel. Ladies who are getting married soon must check out the various type of embellishments available in the market and then select an outfit.

4. Try First, Buy Later

try fiirst buy later

No matter how appealing the lehenga might seem at the outset, never buy one before trying it on. After all, marriage is once in a lifetime affair and there is no scope for even a small mistake. Thus, make sure to try on every lehenga to have a complete understanding of what suits you the best.

5. Do Not Forget To Add A Personal Touch To Bridal Trousseau

personal touch

There is no denying that every wedding is a personalized affair and thus needs to resonate with the bride. Thus, one of the important things to consider before buying a bridal lehenga is to give it a personal touch. Customize the bridal lehenga by etching the date or names on the bridal skirt, dupatta, blouse or latkans to keep it memorable even after years have passed on.

6. Know Your Body Type

know your body type

Getting to know your body type is another prerequisite for every bride. No matter whichever style or colour option you settle for, if the attire doesn’t compliment your body type, then everything is a waste.
For example, women who are heavier down below must settle for merchandise that does not add extra pounds to the weight. Similarly, if a girl has a skinny body type, then georgette or net lehengas will be an apt choice.

7. Blouse Fittings Must Not Be Ignored

perfect fittings

Many times it is seen that brides-to-be do not pay attention to the blouse fittings. Result? It spoils the overall look. Always keep in mind that the blouse is as important as the skirt. It should be stitched well and fit your body type.

8. Consider The Time of The Wedding

Climatic condition is one of the pertinent things to know before buying a bridal lehenga. For all people who are getting married in winter, it is better to go for heavy fabric like silk and banarasi with embellishments.
If in any case your d-day is scheduled to happen in the summer months, then lighter fabrics such as crepe and cotton will do the work.

Few Important Tips For Choosing A Bridal Wear

1. Do not skimp on the dupatta as it plays a major role in enhancing the bridal look.

2. Never go for last-minute alterations. Keep the bridal wear ready before the wedding as it helps you to focus on other things.

3. Scan through catalogues and online websites to get an overall knowledge about recent fashion trends.

Final Words

Bridal shopping is exhilarating, which when coupled with the enormous pressure of choosing a lehenga can make anyone go bonkers. Nothing feels more devastating than not being able to pick the perfect bridal wear for the big day.
The above list of things to understand before buying a bridal lehenga is not only a quick guide in the quest but also helps save your precious time. So, next time before going out shopping, make sure to go through the list carefully.
Always remember that the special moment in life arrives only once. So, get ready to enjoy it fully by combining it with a no-stress and fun breeze lehenga shopping experience.


1. What Should Be Kept In Mind Before Buying A Bridal Lehenga?

There are three things to keep in mind before buying bridal wear. They are research, budget and fit. These three when combined help a bride create a memorable look on the big day.

2. What Are The Best Brands For Bridal Lehenga?

Some of the best brands that offer bridal lehenga are Ritu Kumar, Sabyasachi, Neeta Lulla and Rohit Bal.

3. When To Buy The Bridal Lehenga?

Ideally, a bridal lehenga shall be chosen 4-6 months prior to the wedding. In other cases, finalizing the lehenga before 2-3 months is also appropriate.

4. Which Type of Lehenga Is The Best?

Bridal lehengas must be chosen according to the specific body type. For people with an apple-shaped body, flowy lehengas are the best. Similarly, people with skinny figures must go for georgette or heavy lehengas.

5. Which Fabric is in Trend For Lehenga?

Silk and georgette are two fabrics that are mostly in trend when it comes to bridal lehenga due to their texture and weaving techniques.

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