9 Innovative Ways to Style Bridal Lehenga

If a lady has a thing for traditional attire, she must know different ways in which she can style her wedding lehenga. Didn’t you hear brides saying “yes” to the most expensive bridal lehengas and covering it by saying they would re-use them sooner or later? But the most important question is ‘how’? They want to wear it but don’t know how to wear lehenga in different styles.
Below mentioned is a walk-through of various new ways in which women can style their bridal lehenga.

New Ways to Style Your Bridal Lehenga

Women love to experiment with their looks and outfits and bridal lehenga is not left untouched. So quickly go through the different ways to style your bridal lehenga.
It is really exciting to know the various ways to style your bridal lehenga as it gives you different looks every time you wear it differently. If you are one of those, go ahead to know such unique ways.

1. Swap the Blouse

swap the blouse

Swapping the blouse is one of the most convenient bridal lehenga wearing styles. You can change the design of the blouse and go for a chic one something that would go with your party look or you can also go for contrasting shades. In case you have a red lehenga you can go for the golden blouse and like that you can choose a contrasting shade as per your bridal lehenga colour.

2. Use Your Lehenga as a Skirt

lehenga as skirt

This would sound crazy but you indeed can use your wedding lehenga as a skirt. You could go for pastel shades like beige or shades of white to pair your lehenga. To get that extra dressy sort of look you can pair it with a silk fabric shirt in different shades like golden, copper, silver, etc as per what matches your lehenga shade. Do not forget to accessories it with a brooch or any other ornament as per the occasion.

3. Drape the Dupatta Differently

drape the dupatta differently

Women out here can change their bridal lehenga wearing style by simply changing the way of draping their dupatta. As bridal lehenga has heavy work they can also be draped like a saree. It can simply be used as it is; however if it has to be re-used, it can simply be put over Anarkali or another lehenga with lighter work or a simple suit.

4. Re-design it into an Anarkali

anarkali lehenga

Reframing is one of the most common ways of reusing any heavy outfit to wear. Getting the bridal lehenga converted into an Anarkali is one such smart move that must not be missed out on. Ladies can choose to get the upper and bottom stitched together and made in an Anarkali suit or they can keep the upper part out of the outfit and select a simpler one that can be easily coordinated with the bridal lehenga shade. A flared Anarkali would be an easier way to pull the night off than carrying a bridal lehenga.

5. Pair it with a Crop Top

pair it with crop top

You need to find out various ways to style your bridal lehenga because the one main reason we opt out of wearing our bridal lehenga is the weight of the whole outfit. However, has it never come to your mind that if only the weight of it could be reduced a little it would be an amazing outfit? Instead of wearing your bridal blouse, you can easily pair it with a stylish crop top that would complement the lehenga. The crop top swap gives you a very different look.

6. Remove the Can-can

remove the can can

The fluffiness of the lehenga is another reason women avoid wearing their bridal lehenga, however, if they get rid of the can-can that is attached underneath the lehenga they would then have a long beautiful skirt. Different lehenga wearing styles can be tried once it becomes a little comfortable to wear.
In case they want the fluffiness, they can just reduce the can-can a little if they do not want it to be removed fully. Pro tip: it will be a lot easier for them to walk with the lehenga once the can-can is removed.

7. Pair it with a Jacket

pair with Jacket

This is one of the recent and stylish bridal lehenga wearing styles. A lot of fashion designers have helped a lot of brides to re-use their bridal lehenga. Wearing a jacket with a lehenga only enhances your look and makes you stand out in the crowd. It gives a modern touch to your traditional attire and makes it appealing yet comfy.

8. Mix and Match the Outfit

mix and match the outfit

Out of all the different styles of wearing lehenga, this is the most exciting and fun part. If someone is not satisfied with any of the looks or they are not up for those they can always mix and match their outfit. So, at times if there is a repetition and they still wish to wear their lehenga, instead of wearing the whole lehenga they can opt for wearing just the blouse with a different skirt or lehenga with a different blouse. It would also be good to create a monochrome effect or mix and match different shades to look vibrant.

9. Lehenga with an Asymmetric Kurta

lehenga with asymetric kurta

Kurtis never goes out of style. This is one of the easiest ways to style your bridal lehenga. There are many ways to pair kurta with. You could simply put on an asymmetric kurta with a jacket along with your lehenga. A stylish hemline with your attire can uplift your look. Pair the attire with some heels or stylish flats and you are all set for the event. Such a style makes you look elegant in any family function.

Final Words

Now as you are well aware there are a lot many ways to style your wedding lehenga, some are different and some are very simple yet stylish. You can easily opt for looks that you would feel comfortable wearing and rock that look. Tell us, which one would you like to pick for your friend’s upcoming wedding or the next family function?

Frequently Asked Questions

Now some questions may or may not arise in your mind when you are styling your bridal lehenga. Some frequently asked questions are mentioned below, you can refer to those and get the answers in case of any doubts.

1. How can I customize my old lehenga?

There are a lot of ways you can do that. You can either pick a new blouse or style the older one differently. You can also add latkans or try offbeat hems. One simple yet unique way is that you can add borders or laces to your lehenga.

2. How to style a heavy lehenga?

Some amazing yet easy tips that will help you make your lehnga lightweight are going easy with the dupatta selection, opt for a heavier blouse than a heavy lehenga, choose bolder prints, choose a fabric type that is lighter and right for the occasion.

3. How can I make a simple lehenga look bigger?

The most vibrant way to make your lehnga look bigger is to drape the dupatta in the coolest way you can find. The draping of the dupatta only changes the whole look. A key tip is always known in various styles to drape your dupatta.

4. How can I increase the length of my lehenga?

In case you wish to increase the length of your lehenga you can add knife pleats, or you could add beadwork at the bottom of the lehenga. Add an elastic strap and apply a wide hem if you do not wish to play with the border.

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