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8 Inventive Ways To Style Your Wedding Lehenga After Your Wedding

 A wedding is a gala event that involves a huge amount of investment. There are glitters, laughter, food, dance, and nostalgic moments that create a happy-teary moment for everyone at the wedding. Photography, location, attires, food, and everything require a huge sum of money. But after the wedding was over, all this money just went into vain.

One can’t reuse all the things they have invested in their life savings. But hey! Ever heard of reusing bridal wedding lehenga?

Yeah, you can reuse your wedding lehenga after your wedding, and that too more stylishly and desirably. Read the entire article to know how to reuse the wedding lehenga and slay the event.

8 Fantastic Ways To Reuse Your Wedding Lehenga

There can be several ways to reuse bridal lehenga, but if any bride wants to know how to reuse bridal lehenga in a more effective and trending way, here are some tips and tricks.

1. Pair it with a shirt

pair it with shirt

It may sound weird because a wedding lehenga is more of traditional wear, and a shirt is an item of modernized clothing, but let’s see how to reuse a wedding lehenga with a shirt. So what a person can do is to pair the lehenga with any old plain or basic shirt. To add a more trendy look, one can even carry silver or oxidized jewellery with this attire. Brides who have silver embroidery on their lehenga can definitely go this way.

2. Wear it like a half sari

lehenga in half saree

If one wants to know how to convert a lehenga into a half saree, this is the right place. Any bride can wear the lehenga with a saree blouse and use the lehenga dupatta to make the plates and pallu of the saree.

3. Pair it with an unconventional top

pair it with an unconventional top

Any bride can wear the lehenga with any blouse or unconventional top, whether it’s a crop top, a boat-necked top, any top with a collar design, a top with frilled sleeves, etc. This method can add an individual touch to the lehenga.

4. Reutilize the shawl

reutilize dupattas

Till now, some ways have been mentioned about how to reuse wedding lehenga, but what if any bride wants to reuse just the dupatta? One can still do this: pair a basic and lightweight suit with the heavy bridal dupatta. This can add a more festive and joyful look, even to a basic suit.

5. Mix and match the blouse

use wedding blouse

If any bride wants to know how to reuse a wedding lehenga with a more feminine and European look, this hack is perfect for them. Here, one has a full scope of mix and match either the lehenga or the bridal blouse. Brides can either change the color and pattern of the blouse or keep the bridal lehenga. Or they can change the lehenga with any long skirt and keep the bridal blouse.

6. Transform into Anarkali suit

convert lehenga into anarkali

This tip can be a bit hurtful, as some brides don’t want to add or remove any element from their basic bridal lehenga. But if any bride is ready to do it and wants to know how to reuse the wedding lehenga for a more comfortable and ethical look, then they should definitely transform it into an Anarkali suit. Attach a basic blouse with the heavy bridal lehenga to get the desired look. Anarkali seems more wearable and is more comfortable to carry, so that’s how one can wear the bridal lehenga with more comfort.

7. Pair it with a long kurta

lehenga in a quirky way

One can pair the lehenga with long kurtas to get a more ethnic and aesthetic look. Long kurtas with front openings can add a marvellous touch of traditional and contemporary design to the attire. Moreover, one can wear statement jewellery or gold jewelry with it, depending on the elements or threads used in the lehenga.

8. Style according to your choice

convert lehenga as gown

 Bridal lehenga can be worn with snickers, oxidized, or statement jewellery. Styling a bridal lehenga in the desired way can give an individual touch to the lehenga.

Final words

These are some trending and latest ways to reutilize the bridal lehenga. Through some tips and tricks, brides can prevent their money from being futile and reuse their bridal lehenga.

Rewearing the bridal lehenga in some or other ways can also cherish the old memories of the wedding and make the bride feel the centre of attention again. Therefore, reusing the wedding lehenga is in great demand as it saves a lot of money and is followed by many influencers. One can even check on YouTube about the ways to reuse it.

If there are more ways to reuse wedding lehenga, then comment down so that more brides can revive the memories of their big and special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even while reusing the bridal lehenga, store it as mentioned by the designer because still, the fabric is the same. Always wear the combination of basic and heavy attire, not the heavies or basics together.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions by people around the globe:

1. Can cancan be removed while reusing the bridal lehenga and will it change the basic look of the lehenga?

Yes, definitely. After removing the cancan, the bride can feel even more comfortable. Removing cancan will lead to changing the complete look of the attire. This can also remove that princess look from the dress, so if one is ready for it, only go for the removal of the cancan.

2. How to reuse the red heavy lehenga?

Red bridal or a heavy lehenga can be reused with a white basic crop shirt or with any long Kurti or A-line Kurti. The A-line Kurtis doesn’t cover the front of the lehenga, so it’s better to choose the A-line Kurtis instead of the usual long Kurtis.

3. Can bridal dupatta be reused separately if it has more mirror work?

Yes, a bridal dupatta can be used separately with any basic suit. It would be better if there were no mirror work on the suit, as two heavy pieces of clothing don’t give a decent look when used together.

4. How to convert a bridal lehenga into a gown?

Just attach the lehenga with a blouse or any other top. Net sleeves can also be added to it.

5. How to reuse bridal lehenga dupatta?

 It can be used with any basic suit, or it can be used as a shrug with any crop top and pants.

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