Know All About How To Choose Your Bridal Lehenga Colour For Your Complexion

It is indeed every bride’s dream to look utmost beautiful on her special day, isn’t it? It is definitely her day to look like a princess and be the best bride. For that reason, you must choose your bridal lahenga color for your complexion to look your best on D-day! 

Gone are the days when red was the only go-to bridal lehenga colour. Time has changed, and so does the trend! These days, brides experiment a lot with colours that match their body and complexion. 

There are several things to look after before deciding and buying a lehenga, and skin complexion are one of those aspects. In this article, we will talk about choosing your bridal lehenga colour for your complexion. So let’s get started:

How To Choose a Bridal Lehenga Colour For Your Complexion

As we know, a new bridal collection goes on-trend  every year. Each of these collections delineates numerous unique bridal lahenga colors to choose from. So it is good to explore the market and choose the most appropriate one for yourself. It is essential to acknowledge that colour should look pleasing, and hold the grace to enhance your beauty and skin complexion to make you the most beautiful bride ever!

So the question arises how to choose the most suitable lehenga colour? The colour of the lehenga certainly plays a crucial role in transforming the entire look of a bride. However, if not chosen correctly, it can dull your beauty and make you look dark. Thus, selecting the right bridal lehenga according to the skin complexion is very important. Let’s have a look at the different types of skin tones and bridal lehenga colours in trend.

1. Know your skin colour

Knowing your skin colour is the first and most important step before choosing and buying a bridal lehenga. First, you have to identify if you are fair, wheatish or dark, and then choose a lehenga colour accordingly.

2. Determine your undertone

After acknowledging your skin colour, next comes the need to determine your undertone. Basically, there are two tones- warm and cool. So, for example, if the veins visible on your wrist are blue, you have a cool undertone, while if the veins on your wrist are green, you have a warm undertone. 

3. Understanding your colours based on season

The season should be considered, too, before choosing and buying a bridal lehenga for your special day. If you are a person who is fair and has an undertone, your colours are Spring. If you are a fair person with a cool undertone, your colours are Summer.

If you have wheatish skin complexion and a warm undertone, your colours are Spring, and if you have a cool undertone, you are Autumn. If you are a dusky person with a warm undertone, you are Autumn, or else, your colours are Winter.

4. Brides with very fair skin tone

fair skin tone

Brides with very fair skin tone are lucky as they can wear a number of light shades without pondering much on the same. However, if you want to be the subtle yet stunning bride, pastel colours are perfect for you!

Best colours for you

Peach, sky blue, baby pink are some amazing unique bridal lahenga colors for warm skin tones.

Navy blue, ruby red, wine, tomato reds, maroon, dark pink, bright greens are good to pick for pale skin tones.

Shiny colours such as silver, golden, metallic blue, and light shiny purple would also look good on you.

The pinkish version of the traditional red is recommended as the bridal lehenga colour for the night wedding.

Don’t try these

fair bride with grey lehenga

Brides with extremely fair skin tone are recommended not to go for grey and brown shades as they may make you look dull. 

5. Brides with fair skin tone or warm fair tone

brides with fair skin tone or warm fair tone

A warm fair tone is the most common skin tone that is seen in India. It looks beautiful and amazing. 

Best colours for you

You can go for light colours such as light pink, emerald green, cream, off-white with silver embroidery, royal blue, and beige. They would look really good on you. These are the bridal lehenga colours in trend.

Darker shades such as ellow, cherry red, maroon, hot pink, purple will also be suitable for you. Bright reds, tomato reds, maroons, oranges, and hot pinks would be a good choice for a bride with a fair skin complexion. Cherry red is the perfect bridal lahenga color for night wedding.

Don’t try these

burnt orange

Don’t try shades that make you look so dull.  For example, avoid choosing deep and dark shades of green, brown, yellow, and burnt orange.

6. Bride with Medium to Dusky skin tones

bride with medium to dusky skin tones

Many Indian brides have this medium skin tone that looks a bit darker. However, such skin tone can be lightened up by wearing the right lehenga color that goes with the skin complexion.

Best colours for you

You can go for lighter shades such as peach, beige, shimmery raspberry pink, pale yet warm pink, and a light tone of gold. These are the bridal lehenga colours in trend. Gold is indeed the best bridal lehenga colour for day wedding.

If you want to wear something dark, then colours like red, yellow and orange and corals are recommended for you. You would definitely steal the attention of all the guests on your special day. 

Don’t try these

don’t try these. bride with medium to dusky skin tones

Don’t choose colours that make you look too dark such as navy blue, deep green, violet, grey colours. These shades may make you look dull in your wedding pictures too. 

7. Brides with Dark skin tone

brides with dark skin tone

This shade of skin complexion is considered a dark skin tone. Therefore, women with this complexion usually have a hard time choosing the appropriate colour for the wedding lehenga.

Best colours for you

Light and warm shades such as medium pink shades, red as in apple red, and blues would look good on you. Light, summer pastels are the most suitable as your bridal lahenga color for day wedding.

Darker shades such as Deep orange, mint green, dark yellow, bright rust, deep red will make you look stunning and gorgeous.

Don’t try these

do not try these neon lehenga

Never opt for neon shades as they are not the best bridal lehenga colours for you for several reasons.

Final Words

Now that you know the steps to consider before choosing a bridal lehenga experiment with colours on your own! Make sure to know your skin complexion, undertone, and the season before you go for the shades of lehenga.

You are recommended to drape the lehenga at the time of trial to know and have an idea if a particular lehenga goes with your body time and skin complexion or not. 

Make sure to look after the minute details of the lehenga as everything should be perfect for your wedding day, isn’t it? So try out the unique bridal lehenga colors mentioned in this guide, and be the happiest and most beautiful bride ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

Brides usually have a lot of questions regarding choosing their lehenga colour. Some of these questions are mentioned down below:

1. What is an Indian bride’s skin complexion?

In India, we generally have three primary skin tones. These are Fair, Wheatish, and Dusky. Identify which category you come under and make a note of it. 

2. How to choose a lehenga for a pale skinned girl?

This is a general rule that cool skin-toned girls look amazing in cooler shades. A pale-skinned girl can choose a lehenga colour such as a raspberry pink lehenga that would compliment her pale skin. On top of that, a pop of blue may be added to lighten up her face.

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