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5 Smart Hacks To Look Taller & Slimmer In Your Bridal Lehenga

Are you worried about your height and thinking about how you will look after wearing a lehenga on your wedding day? These things don’t matter because lehenga can be carried out with any body shape or any height. Wedding day is the only day when the bride’s heart beats fast. Marriage is a day where brides want to look gorgeous. Every bride wants to present themselves perfectly in front of every guest. Self-confidence is the key that makes every bride stand in front of everyone. An Indian bride knows how to gain confidence on her wedding day. 

A lehenga is an outfit that gives true beauty to the Indian brides and it also looks good on any short-heighted girl or bodyweight or even a pump body. A stylish embroidered lehenga choli creates an outstanding look for the bride. The best part of this outfit is that it easily makes brides smart to look taller and slimmer in bridal lehenga and it never gets old. 

Lehenga is a traditional attire that every bride likes to wear on their wedding day. Every girl’s choice is different on that occasion. Some of them like heavy lehenga, some like light ones. So here we are going to show a few bridal lehenga choli for short height girls which they wear on their wedding day.

These amazing hacks will help those girls who are chubby or have a short height.

5 Stylish Hacks to Look Taller and Slimmer in your Bridal Lehenga

Brides are distressed when their wedding day is around the corner. They also get confused when choosing their wedding lehenga. Lehenga is the only attire that catches the limelight for the brides. So their combination needs to be perfect. If you are getting married and worried about your lehenga design and colour, search for an evergreen bridal lehenga design if your height is short.

1. Low waist lehenga for short brides

low waist lehenga

A low waist lehenga is a good way to make the bride look tall. Just try a low waist lehenga or drape it around the navel. This technique will definitely work and make the bride look taller. Keep a gap of 3-4 inches from choli to lehenga. Don’t try to wear a high waist lehenga because it makes your look shorter.

2. Bridal lehenga colour hacks for short height chubby brides

bridal lehenga color

This amazing lehenga style gives a dynamic look and increases the height of the bride. This beautiful lehenga will give the bride a taller effect. The light embroidery work and short blouse make brides stunning on their wedding day. A good puff hairstyle is the best solution which also makes the bride look taller.

3. Lehenga with Kalis or panels for short height brides

kalis lehenga

A vertical line of lehenga also helps to increase the height of a girl. The lehenga will look lengthened with multiple kali styles which gives the look of lower torso sleek. The plump brides shall just go for the vertical embroidery work or designs in the outfit or tiny pattern spread to add balance. Don’t try to have broad borders and fish-cut lehenga styles. This style of lehenga makes the bride’s body stiff.

4. A layer of lehenga is a great idea to make them taller on their wedding day

layered lehenga

This new style of layered lehenga has a unique cut. It comes in horizontal layers which makes the short bride look pretty tall. These layers have rugged fringes and an exaggerated compact. The finishing also differs and devices out of the box look. This stylish lehenga makes the bride the centre of attention on her wedding day.

5. Colourful lehenga choli for short heighted brides

colorful lehenga

A colourful lehenga gives a different spark to the bride’s personality and the best thing about this colourful lehenga is that it can look good on short-heighted and plump girls. The multicoloured ones are a great option for those brides who are worried about their height. A floral touch and colourful flowers in a lehenga make the brides fresh like flowers at their wedding.

Final Words

A high waist lehenga makes the bride’s personality ugly and also makes them look shorter. Most girls have a short height and they are confused about whether the lehenga looks good on them or not. A good low-waist bridal lehenga for short height girl can solve the problem.

A crop choli is the biggest solution for wedding lehenga for short height girl. Nowadays there are a lot of wedding lehenga designs for short height girl available in the market but each and every girl has different body shapes. So if they choose a lehenga according to their height and body then this idea will work great for them. The aforementioned ones are a few hacks for choosing a lehenga for short height girl.

Weddings come once in a lifetime. So just keep a few things in mind while choosing a bridal lehenga for short height girl. Choose vibrant colors and a light-weight lehenga which has less embroidery work. This is one of the many smart hacks to look taller and slimmer in your bridal lehenga.

Frequently Asked Questions

Doubts appear when it comes to picking and shopping for your wedding attire. Here we are going to show some eye-catching bridal lehenga design for short height girl. After watching these latest designs you will forget your doubts which are in your mind. 

1. Which colour of lehenga makes me look slim?

A black lehenga can make you slim and attractive on any occasion or function. Black is the only colour that gives a slim appearance to all the brides.

2. How can I make my lehenga look taller?

You can add some different colors of fabric at the bottom of your lehenga. This style makes your lehenga unique and everybody will notice your style.  

3. Which lehenga style makes me look taller? 

A vertical pattern of lehenga helps you to increase your height. Just try to wear a lehenga below your navel because this hack will make you look taller. 

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