Top 6 Stylish Drape Dupatta of Lehenga which Enhances the Beauty of Every Indian Bride

Are you looking for a new style of draping dupatta for weddings and occasions? Then this is the right place where we are going to talk about different styles of draping the dupatta. Drape dupatta is an awesome thing to do. If your dupatta style is not good then your full appearance is totally wasted. Lehenga dupatta draping style can naturally exaggerate the traditional aggregate. A lehenga dupatta draping style can give a new look just changing a drape style of dupatta. 

In earlier days many different dupatta styles have endowed the market. That draping style of dupatta is still famous. Even every bride uses this draping dupatta style on their wedding day. When done in a good way the drape lehenga dupatta gives an amazing look. The main part of a bride is a beautiful style of draping dupattas on her wedding day because the bride is the only one whose guests want to see her style, how they dress, and everything. 

So, here we are going to tell you some unique dupatta draping styles for lehenga which make every bride more beautiful in their wedding. All these draping dupattas are very famous. The stylish way of draping dupattas makes the bride the centre of attraction on their big day.

6 Unique Ways to Drape Lehenga Dupatta

1. Single dupatta drape style with both elbows and shoulder

elbow and shoulder drapped dupatta

This is the most simple and unique dupatta draping styles for lehenga.  If the lehenga has a dupatta that is the complete point of the outfit, then this drape style is a perfect way to expose it. Just try this style and make the bride marvellous on her special day.

2. Over the head of the drape dupatta style like a saree pallu

over the head of the drape dupatta style like a saree pallu

This lehenga dupatta draping style is different from other styles. In this style, it covers only the head and does not come in the front of the shoulders but stays at the back only. This draping dupatta style is quite good because it gives freedom of movement and makes the lehenga more beautiful. 

3. Plain one side open drape

plain one side open drape

This is a unique dupatta draping style for lehenga. It is the easiest way to carry, to add a spark to your bridalwear and glam up the personality too. The centre border bar of the dupatta is pinned at the shoulder to take care of the balance. These drape blocks of style give you more comfort and are complimentary on lightweight fabric. This style is for those who like to wear simple clothes. 

4. Cowl style drape dupatta over the head

cowl style drape dupatta over the head

This style of draping dupatta gives royalty to the bride’s personality. This is the most beautiful style which every bride likes to do at their wedding. The dupatta is dropped in a simple way of cowl style and it is just pinned up on the left shoulder. The other side of the fabric is draped over the head. This look resembles Deepika Padukone in the movie Bajirao Mastani. 

5. Pakistani drape style dupatta

pakistani dupatta draping style

This Pakistani style of draping dupatta is very popular nowadays. Every bride wants to create a look of stylish dupatta draping styles for lehenga on her wedding day. The loose flow of dupatta layers around the head and make the faces of the brides more charming and enhance her inner and outer beauty. Just take the dupatta over the head, with one end of the dupatta being behind the back. The other section of the dupatta is turned into a cowl shape in front and is put back on the other shoulder. 

6. Hyderabad drape style of dupatta

hyderabadi khada dupatta

This is a unique style of draping dupatta. A drape makes your body a bit stuffy. The centre portion of the dupatta firstly needs an insert at the centre back waistband. Therefore, the right end of the dupatta comes in the front, pleated just like a saree and pinned at the top of the shoulder.

Final Words

Indians are very special and beautiful but the main centre of attraction is the bride on her wedding day. Her styles are lehenga jewellery and makeup will be noticed by whoever guest comes to the wedding. An Indian bride never forgets to recognize her true Indian identity. This beautiful ethnic style of draping dupatta will enhance the beauty of all the brides on their big day. 

Right ways to drape lehenga dupatta make the bride look more attractive on her wedding day. All these draping styles are in fashion nowadays and don’t forget to flaunt a smile and crown of confidence on your wedding day.

Draping dupatta style is also one of the most fashionable things on the lehenga. So try this draping style on your wedding. These styles are surely looks good on your lehenga make diva on your special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which drape style of dupatta looks good on tall brides?

If you are tall then you must go for a simple dupatta for draping yourself. Take your dupatta and pin-up on the left shoulder. The rest of the fabric is draped on the top of the head. This  draping dupatta style has a unique charm that makes you more beautiful on any occasion. 

2. How to style a heavy dupatta? 

Just take your dupatta on the shoulder then insert some fabric of your dupatta in your lehnga and the other fabric. Just turn it in the front portion and you look ready for the function. 

3. How can I make my dupatta more stylish? 

Some fabulous yet easy tips that will help you to create your dupatta more stylish: Take a designer’s small latkans and stitch all the latkan sides of your dupatta ready for any occasion.

4. How can I increase my dupatta length? 

You have to take stylish borders and tassels. These two things will help you to increase your dupatta length. Just stitch the border on your dupatta then stick the tassel bottom on the border. 

5. How to make my dupatta heavier? 

Take a heavy border and stitch that border all over on your dupatta and in the middle part of the dupatta just stitch some sequence. You can also choose a heavy or bigger size of latkans to make your dupatta heavy.

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