The Ultimate Guide For Choosing A Perfect Bridal Lehenga

Indian weddings are elaborate and there is no doubt about it. The much-hyped affair is filled with loads of glitz and glamor, out of choosing the bridal lehenga always takes the center stage. But why is it so? Reasons are downright simple.

To be very precise in this context lehenga is the only thing that completes the look for the bride-to-be. And because of this sole reason, it is immensely important to screen out that perfect attire. Although with the advent of the internet obtaining useful tips to choose the bridal lehenga is not that difficult, the route can be time-consuming.

Thus, to help ladies in the quest of finding the quintessential trousseau, this guide to choose the bridal lehenga comes in handy. Check out all the essential tips presented below and get ready to hand-pick a perfect sartorial lehenga for the big day.

7 Tips To Choose The Best Bridal Lehenga

There is no denying that choosing bridal attire is the most baffling thing in the world. From scanning, the shops to selecting the dream lehenga everything together can surely confuse a person.

So, in this type of exhausting situation, a lehenga buying guide is the one that helps individuals in their pursuit of the best bridal attire.

1. Listen To The Gut Instinct

“Too many cooks spoil the broth” is an age-old saying. This proves to be true while choosing the wedding lehenga too. Most of the time it is seen as the wedding approaches nearby, the circle of advisors starts to expand.   

While it is good to take a few suggestions, depending entirely on them can become overwhelming for the brides-to-be. So, in this type of confusing situation, all a woman can do is listen to her gut instinct. Follow your heart and pick a lehenga that suits your preferences in the best manner.

2. Height Plays a Key Role

height plays key role

If for any chance someone believed that height doesn’t matter at all, then they are wrong. Apart from the size guide, what ladies should be concerned about is considering the height too. Tall girls should avoid monotone hues and go for dual-toned and broad-bordered lehengas.

Similarly, medium height ladies shall refrain from picking a lehenga with big and boisterous embroideries. And when it comes to short brides breezy fabrics with intricate and dainty designs are the ones that will do the trick.

3. Never Miss Out Trending Colours

trending colors

One of the paramount things that the brides tend to forget is conducting proper research while picking wedding wear. Result? Complete chaos.

To save yourself from this type of embarrassing situation, always keep a guide to choose a wedding lehenga handy. Check out all the trending colours and latest trends that are in vogue. To make things simpler, make a list of the recent celebrity brides whose bridal attire won accolades from the fashion police.

4. Do Not Ignore The Skin Tone

skin tone

Knowing the skin tone is also important while choosing a bridal lehenga. It is because not all dress colours match all skin types. Thus, it is of vital importance that brides are aware of their skin tone while choosing a dress. Always keep in mind that attires when in sync with the skin tone work towards enhancing the overall appearance.

5. Fabric Is A Prime Consideration

fabric is a prime consideration

Even today many ladies out there are indeed in dark about the different range of fabrics used to make a lehenga. This when combined with the wrong choice of colour leads to disastrous results on the d-day.

Thus, to help all women prepping up for the big day, this lehenga buying guide stresses the importance of different types of fabric in the market today.  So, before stepping out for shopping, take time out, conduct extensive research on the array of merchandise available and then make a choice.

6. Add-ons Are A Prerequisite Too

add ons potli bag

Often it is seen that while a lehenga skirt and blouse are covered in heavy embroidery, the matching dupatta is rather simple. If the brides-to-be find themselves in this type of perplexing situation then it is better to buy a readymade dupatta.

Likewise, jewellery, potli bag, footwear and clutch are other add-ons required for completing the bridal look. Thus, having a proper guide to choose the wedding lehenga, not only assists girls in planning their accessories well but also helps avoid any last-time rushes.

7. Remember To Score A Good Deal

remember to score a good deal

Yeah! Weddings are indeed a one-time affair. But that does not mean one is compelled to spend a hefty amount on the bridal lehenga only. Instead, be a smart shopper and budget your shopping spree accordingly.

Keep an eye out for discounts and also check out the prices on the array of e-commerce sites. This will not only increase the chances of getting the desired outfit but also help save resources.

Final Words

No matter what everyone says, the upcoming big day in your life is a thing to be cherished forever. So, make sure to pick an outfit that defines you in the best way.

Thus, it is very important to choose the right bridal lehenga and properly plan things. Start by allocating a set timeline for buying jewellery, accessories and of course the attire to avoid last-minute turmoil.

Always remember the wedding dress will play a crucial role in the lifetime of memories. Thus, it shall be handpicked carefully and worn without any regrets.


1. What Is The Best Way To Choose A Wedding Lehenga?

There are more than one ways in which one can choose the wedding lehenga. Start by choosing a fabric that is comfortable to wear, picking the perfect colour and keeping everything simple. 

2. What Should Be The Height of Lehenga for Short Girls?

Short girls can pick a low waist lehenga and drape it carefully around the navel. This will help create the illusion of height and provide a perfect look.

3. How To Make The Lehenga Look Stylish?

The tricks to making the lehenga look stylish is quite simple. For starters swap the blouse and go for a readymade dupatta. You can also wear it like a lehenga sari for an enhanced appearance. 

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