Things you can do you with your Banarasi Saree

The royal opulent banarasi sarees are traditional attire that deserves a special place in your closet. The vintage sarees are graceful outfit pieces that are a delight for occasions. However, we often are left thinking about restocking the banarasi sarees and wearing it more often. As much as we love adorning the elegant saree, we also are looking around for ways to restyling them. Here are the top things you can do with your banarasi saree.

1.       Anarkali:

If you have one banarasi saree that is your all-time favourite, it is time to redesign it and give it a unique shape. Design it in the form of an Anarkali by using lengthy yards of fabric. This will help you to sport your favourite fabrics while saving your fabric cost. If you love Anarkali salwar and sporting traditional attires, this is a perfect way to restyle the banarasi royalty.

2.       Palazzo:

A hassle-free and easy-breezy way of glamming up the look is a palazzo. Make most of the old traditional pieces and design them as palazzos. Rock the outfit with a blouse of contrast color, preferably a light-coloured if your saree fabric is deep and elaborate. Banarasi saree makes great palazzo pants, and are an ideal indo-fusion wear for any occasion of your choice.

3.       Dhoti pants:

Talking about indo-fusion wear, the dhoti pants are stealing all the limelight. You can design dhoti pants with sarees that are plain in design, having simple, intricate border designs. These are an apt choice for dhoti pants. Try converting the old saree to these pants, and give your look a whole new look. Complete the look by sporting a peplum top in the same color or contrasting.

4.       Long skirt:

A trend which never gets old, a long skirt is perfect for ideas of saree conversions. These ethnic skirts are trending, and when woven in a banarasi, nothing like it! Look your best by pairing the saree with crop top or plain simple blouses. Enjoy the skirt with a long flair, and rock your next event like no other!

5.       Gowns:

Take your old saree out to create ravishing designer gowns from saree. Traditional gowns using banarasi are ideally designed in long length. These look great and are a versatile piece of outfits. Select any saree with gorgeous borders which make perfect gowns, amping up your style quotient. Give flair to the gowns and make saree dress styles achieve a royal look.

6.       Dupatta:

An idea that can never go wrong! Rich and heavy dupattas are trending. How about converting the saree into a dupatta to pair them with a salwar of your choice! The gaudy dupatta will accentuate the look of the outfit and give it a richness that you can never get enough of!


It is time to revamp your closet and take the old sarees out to convert them into your favourite outfits. Your banarasi saree is your pride, and with these designs, you are bound to restore them forever!

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