Top 7 Classy Saree Lehenga Designs For The Gorgeous Wedding Look

Do you want all eyes on you on your wedding day?

Then you are at the right place. The wedding day is often the most important and happiest day in a girl’s life and every girl wishes to make that day special. All girls want to look their best on their wedding day. They want every guest to look at them and appreciate their outfit on the special day.

But what exactly makes an Indian bride look truly beautiful? Is it the expensive makeup? Or expensive jewelry, accessories, nicely groomed hai? All the above things show their effectiveness when they are paired with a gorgeous wedding dress.

Some prefer a beautiful saree and some prefer a traditional lehenga as their wedding dress, but there is a way through which you can choose both. The name of this way is bridal lehenga-style saree. A lehenga type saree or a saree lehenga is a hybrid made by mixing a traditional sari and lehenga choli. 

7 Classy Saree Lehenga Designs For The Indian Brides

The Indian market is flooding with the saree lehengas. Many fashion shows are showing interest in this new modern attire. The reason behind this is its versatility and the excellent look it can provide. Saree Lehenga has again attracted the attention of Indian women towards traditional Indian dresses.

Below are some exquisite lehenga saree designs for a wedding.

1. Classic Net Lehenga Saree In Vibrant Gold With Aesthetic Border Work

golden saree lehnga

Try this saree lehenga design for family functions or small ceremonies. It’s a classic and aesthetic saree lehenga that can help you get the right attention and some praise. It will make you glow even more with its shiny golden color, making you the center of attention. The net will make the lehenga saree more appealing.

2. Silk Blue-Magenta Lehenga Saree with Stone Work

blue silk magenta saree lehenga

Wondering what to wear to the wedding. You can try this beautiful lehenga saree design for weddings. A pink-magenta lehenga saree in silk will give you the right wedding looks. Stonework makes this lehenga saree more attractive.

You can rock this saree lehenga at festivals as well. 

3. Maroon mixed with Red Lehenga style Saree in Silk

maroon mixed with red lehenga style

Maroon and red make this saree lehenga perfect for wedding functions. Silk will give it the shine it needs. It is truly a versatile saree lehenga that you can wear on every occasion, like family functions, festivals, etc.

Fine work of stone, thread, and zari will add five stars to this beautiful lehenga saree. You should try this out if you are a maroon fan. You can choose this lehenga-type saree for a wedding.

4. Blue Lehenga Saree with Net and thread work

blue lehenga saree with net and thread work

If you don’t like much shiny and fancy stuff, then this lehenga saree is perfect for you. This lehenga saree is basic but aesthetic with its pretty thread work and beautiful net.

This is just the right lehenga saree if you don’t want to stand out much but still want to look good. This lehenga saree is suitable for any occasion, including weddings.

5. A pinch of Rose Gold in the Pretty Magenta Lehenga Saree

a pinch of rose gold in the pretty magenta lehenga saree

Are you a magenta fan? Then maybe this lehenga saree is for you. With the beautiful magenta color, a pinch of rose gold is added to make it more gorgeous.

Wear this on your wedding day to make all eyes look at you. A bit of gold color is just making it more pleasing. You can pick this lehenga saree design for wedding.

6. Half-Saree in Blue and Golden

blue and gold

It is not possible to talk about lehenga saree and not mention half-saree. Here is a trendy half saree design for a wedding that you can try. Blue is a color which is liked by many women and it suits well on most.

Here is a half saree that you can try. It is a gorgeous blue and golden half saree that you can rock at any function.

7. Gorgeous Dark Greenish Half Saree

gorgeous dark greenish half saree

Here is another trendy half saree design for a wedding. The dark green color gives it a very classy and premium look. You can try this out on your wedding day as well to look your best.

Fine zari work done to make it more attractive. You can top it up with some jewelry and you are all ready for your wedding.

Final Words

Without any doubt, lehenga sarees are the new trending and popular wedding dress for Indian brides. The reason behind that is it is a combination of both a traditional saree and lehenga, making it a unique and stylish dress. Lehenga saree can be worn on many occasions, like weddings, festivals, etc. This makes them very versatile.

Fashion shows like Lakme fashion week have included lehenga sarees in their programs. This is good because it is promoting our Indian culture. Lehenga saree is affordable as well and comes in a variety of rates. So, you can pick according to your budget. A saree lehenga makes the bride even more gorgeous and suits her well with the jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since a saree lehenga is in trend now, you might have various questions in your mind regarding it. Saree lehenga is a modern attire and a popular wedding dress for Indian brides now. Below are some frequently asked questions. You can also have similar questions, so go through them to get answers to your doubts.

1. Which Lehenga Is Best For The Bride?

A saree lehenga is the best lehenga for the bride because it is trending and it looks gorgeous on a bride. You can make the saree lehenga more attractive by pairing it with jewelry and you are all set for your wedding and get all eyes set on you.

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