6 Velvet Bridal Lehengas To Look Stunning On Your Wedding Day

Got confused about how you can look both ethnic and trendy for the wedding? Don’t worry. After going through this article, you’ll find quite clear how you can style yourself with a velvet bridal lehenga design.

Indeed, if you are going to get hitched this wedding season, this article will teach you how to find an elite assortment of velvet lehenga on the internet. One of the most outstanding Indian clothing types that you can wear for your wedding is a velvet lehenga.

Velvet lehenga for wedding is a great expansion to any lady’s closet. The Indian velvet bridal lehenga design can be styled with one or more than one simple yet latest adornment. The most utilized gems are silver jewelry or gold gems. A lot of bangles can have a major effect on styling your lehenga. 

6 Velvet Bridal Lehengas for Your Wedding Day

Be it the trendiest designer velvet lehenga or these unique velvet marriage outfits that make you stand out at the wedding. You can get yourself different sorts of designs for your bridal lehengas in this wedding season. Some of the designs are as follows:

1. Intriguing turquoise velvet Bridal Lehengas

intriguing turquoise velvet Bridal Lehengas

This dazzling lehenga is ideal for the advanced lady. It has a velvet lehenga choli with a deep V neck and 3/fourth sleeves with a thick, brilliant boundary.

It has a delightful brilliant bloom weaving all through the lehenga. A net dupatta joins this velvet lehenga configuration with a similar thick boundary as the choli. This exceptionally interesting yet attractive lehenga is ideal as it gives an ethnic look to the wedding.

Set your hair free, and wear a lovely headpiece to match this lehenga. Wear weighty jewelry, bangles, and rings to finish the look.

2. Wine red plain velvet Bridal Lehengas

wine red plain velvet bridal lehenga

This designer velvet lehenga is ideally suited for the lady of the hour who will attract all the eyes to her beautiful dress. It accompanies a lovely wine-red full flare velvet skirt, and long, straightforward cape-type sleeves joined by the planner choli.

It goes under the moderate classification because the design is just on the choli. This staggering velvet lehenga configuration has choli with a darling neck area and metallic brilliant weaving work over it.

The catch is one the choli and its delightful long sleeves. Wear a basic ragged gold chain around your midriff for your moderate look. Wear shabby, hanging earrings and a ring to finish the look.

3. Dark red velvet Bridal Lehengas

dark red velvet bridal lehengas

This deep shade of red won’t drop out of the spotlight. The exclusive lehenga has an extremely big weaving plan; however, it is exquisite.

The lehenga skirt has white flower plans, and the choli is covered with persistent little roundabout plans. The excellent net choli has a thick white and brilliant boundary and small round plans as an afterthought.

This is the commonplace sort of red marriage lehenga you find in Indian weddings and the best adornments to wear with these sorts of lehengas is the conventional one. Put your hair in a bun and wear a neckband, bangles, rings, and a bindi to finish this look.

4. Dark and cream Bridal Lehengas with botanical weaving

dark and cream bridal lehengas

The velvet bridal lehenga design is the catch, which arrives in a full round dark velvet material with a heavy cream botanical weaving done squarely in the center. The choli is relatively straightforward; it is a cream sleeveless choli with pale brilliant round plans.

It has a matching dupatta. If you’re not into gems, then you can try not to wear them. Nonetheless, it would look shocking to wear a long, weighty hoop with it.

If embellishments are your thing, wear big earrings, a conventional choker accessory, bangles, rings, and a chain on your midsection. But, again, relax for a moderate look, while a high bun would look unquestionably great with the customary jewelry.

5. Tasteful maroon velvet Bridal Lehengas

tasteful maroon velvet bridal lehengas

As the dark red weighty work velvet lehenga design on the rundown, this one is another traditional tasteful lehenga that most ladies pick. This is for the most part since red is viewed as one of the most promising tones for marriage.

It represents bliss and luck. This maroon lehenga has wide creases which produce a full roundabout search for the skirt. Instead, it has a thick, brilliant, weaved line, and the remainder of the skirt is covered with enormous flower prints.

The choli has a medium sleeve and is covered with small, brilliant weaved work. It accompanies a delicate red net dupatta with brilliant and red lines. This is best worn with weighty customary jewelry.

6. Violet velvet Bridal Lehengas with velvet dupatta

violet velvet bridal lehengas with velvet dupatta

This lehenga is full velvet clothing, i.e., the skirt, choli, and the dupatta are made of velvet – an ideal comfortable, exquisite clothing for your colder time of the wedding.

It is one more great colour for wedding lehengas and is ideal for somebody searching for something to hang out in. The lehenga has a thick, brilliant border and little weaving work on the remainder of the skirt.

The choli is covered with brilliant weaving, and the velvet dupatta has a heavy weave on the boundary. Wear weighty conventional gems to finish this look.

Final Words

Exemplary red velvet lehenga for wedding to greenery green Velvet Bridal Lehengas; these velvet lehengas are genuinely a gift or amazing to wear for the wedding.

Whether you need to go to a lovely companion wedding or a distant cousin’s wedding, you can never turn out badly with Lehengas. Others can’t supplant a velvet lehenga’s great look and illustrious feel.

In this way, try to look beautiful and amplify the marriage look with extreme satisfaction and bliss. For shopping velvet lehenga online, visit X Velvet Bridal Lehengas, one of the main and most trusted online stores for purchasing the most recent and up-to-date wedding lehengas. Visit Now!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Velvet Dulhan lehenga is the ideal clothing that improves ladies’ magnificence. You may be dressing for a wedding or Karva Chauth; each lady loves to wrap themselves in wonderful Lehenga Cholis to look exquisite.

1. What are the advantages of Velvet Bridal Lehengas?

Velvet bridal lehengas have the following advantages:

  • Soft texture
  • Gives an antique look
  • Combines with various styles
  • Great for cold weather

2. How to take care of your lehenga?

There are a few simple and easy considerations for taking care of your lehenga: 

Dry Clean it: Once the function is complete, you should not delay cleaning your Lehenga dress. The countless customs will make the lehenga extremely grimy and greasy once in a while. Don’t delay this progression, and get your lehenga cleaned whenever you are done with everything.

Fold your velvet Lehenga cautiously: Fold the lehenga correctly, ensure all the layering is at the appropriate spot and is collapsed all along with quite simple hands. Try not to squeeze them tightly.

Wrap with muslin garments: The lehenga dress accompanies a wonderful many-sided plan of stones, string work, zari work, succession work, and some more. Keeping this lehenga without wrapping it with muslin garments can destroy these wondrous things of beauty.

3. What are the different ways of packing your velvet lehenga?

Some of the different ways to pack your lehenga perfectly are:

 Use naphthalene balls: In the wake of placing it in a plastic pack, put naphthalene balls inside it. These balls are utilized to forestall the development of any organism in your lehenga. Naphthalene balls eliminate odor as well.

Use vacuum siphon: This is a specialist step and makes an enormous distinction. After collapsing, wrapping, and placing in plastic sacks with naphthalene balls, utilize a vacuum pump to make a vacuum. Air promotes the increase of any organism or microbes. Hence, eliminating all the air stops producing these microorganisms and parasites in your lehenga or ghagra dress.

Utilize a container: Indeed, even after putting your lehenga in the plastic packaging, it isn’t completely secure; purchase a decent quality box for putting away your lehenga. Also, ensure the box is dry.

Avoid hangers: Try not to utilize hangers to deal with your lehenga dress, as it might hamper the wrap of your dress, making it look strange and chaotic. Instead, pack them accurately and set them on the right track in the crate.

4. How to avoid damaging the lehenga while wearing it?

Here are some ways to make sure that you do not damage your lehenga on the special day:

Use cancan skirt: On the off chance that you are not happy with the volume of your lehenga, utilize a cancan skirt to add more volume to your lehenga and make it look more lovely and superb. Cancan skirt arrives in a huge assortment, pick your skirt, and you are finished.

Try not to place the lehenga on the ground: Indeed, you could imagine that lehenga is to be contacted to the ground, make it happen; however, don’t get out of hand as it will harm the linings of your lehenga dress. Ensure you pick the right length of the lehenga, pair it with the right shoes or heels to make it secure simply over the ground level.

5. Is buying a velvet lehenga online a good idea?

There are various styles of lehenga cholis out there. There is a traditional party-wear lehenga choli, and there are simple ones for small, private functions. No matter what sort you like, online stores have them all.

Most offline stores don’t have every one of the various styles, from present-day designs to more customary ones. Subsequently, it would help you move between various shops to track down the one. Online stores with their broad stock are just helpful for shopping, regardless of whether the shop is elite to one kind, similar to wedding lehenga choli.

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