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Alteration and Refund Policy


In case a garment doesn’t fit you as expected, don’t worry we have got you covered. Every product is unique and tailored as per the needs of our customers, clothes made with different fabric count, different handlooms, and texture can show different properties and fit. In any case, any of our products need some alterations, we are happy to help you. Please ensure the same( one that was provided during order placement) measurement/reference outfit, if any,  is provided at the time of alteration, for a hassle free experience.

We will help you with one free alteration within 7 days after delivery. All you have to do is click a few pictures wearing it and Whatsapp us at +91-95814-88877 or mail them to us at customersupport@tailorsin.com along with the suborder number .

We will schedule a free pickup and deliver them to you after the necessary alterations.


If in case our Quality Control team finds that the product has no room for alteration we refund the stitching costs along with replacement to the nearest match fabric. If we are unable to replace with the nearest match fabric, the customer is required to provide a clear invoice of the purchased/supplied fabric along with the store name.

The Refund Policy of Tailorsin.com is formulated keeping in mind the utmost satisfaction of our customers.

According to this policy, if you wish to return or exchange any item purchased from Tailorsin.com, it should be sent to us within 7 days of invoicing/delivery( whichever comes first) and necessary action- refund or credit note will be issued within 30 days of the receipt. Refunds will be made to your bank account/credit card that you have used to make the payment.

*Refund is subject to discretion of our Quality Control Team


If any order is unclaimed, after invoicing the order, beyond 30 days we reserve the right to dispose the order . During this 30 day period we will reach out to you on WhatsApp to your registered mobile number , using a authorised template message.